A very pretentious artist

James Deep is an Audio,Visual and Net artist, Born on June 9th of 1980 who has a tendency to write sentences about himself in third person.
Since 2002 James Deep has posted his works in various websites but for the first time you are able to see them with proper subtitles and with proper appliances to his aesthetics.
In his restless dreams, James felt a longing for the aesthetics and idela sof the 80s, accompained by colors and modelings he feared only he could understand, but, thanks to the many artist friends he made on the internet and to the amazing works of Chuck Perrson and OneOhTrixPointNever, James Deep's video work could finally be forth to fruition.
In this website you will find his best works, the works of art he has touched and considered to be his prime works of art, even the ones to be considered incomplete have grown a certain aesthetic for themselves as unfinished finished works.
Welcome to the Deep Gallery, a dark corner of the internet, but nonetheless, a welcoming one.

But unfortunately, James Deep isn't Real, he is the creation of Felipe, Nicolas and Thiago for their web design class, the picture above is of James Ferraro, a great musician more commonly known for his album "Far Side Virtual". None of the artworks, music or images belong to us, this entire website is just a school project.